Juggling & Unicycling

Juggling in 1997 with high school friends

Top row: Naomi, Chuck, Tony, Steve, Ryan, Joe, Evan, Ben, Paul
Bottom row: Sean, Mike

Steve & Chuck passing clubs
Unicycling with my back to the camera
(I'll try to find a better picture)
Tony, Julie, and Chuck (Thunderwheels)
leaving after a marathon unicycling session

I've been juggling since early in high school and unicycling since senior year. Since I only did both to be social and never practiced on my own, my improvement was limited by the frequency others wanted to juggle and unicycle.


At juggling I was able to master the 3 ball cascade, 3 ball reverse cascade, 3 ball mill's mess, under the arm, chops, 4 ball fountain a-sync, and 6 ball multiplex. I never was able to qualify the 5 ball cascade... that's my main goal if I ever start juggling seriously again. With clubs (and torches) I could do all the standard 3 ball things and pass 6 clubs every other or solids, but I need a lot more practice to get consistent. I'm a member of the International Jugglers Association.


I'm very weak at unicycling. My friends only unicycle as a group 2 times a year, which isn't enough practice for me to get over the learning hump. After 15 minutes of warming up I can consistently go 100 feet and make controlled turns, but I can't free mount and I can't go long distances. The summer after high school I was able to ride around around a few residential blocks without falling off... unfortunately, I've regressed since then.

Along with a few friends I formed a unicycle gang called the Thunderwheels. We've been featured in a few local newspapers and on metafilter. FEAR US!